Leave These Eight Worst Habits For Good Mental Health

Posted : April 18, 2019
Category : Mental
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Bad habits of brain

Many people are unaware that some normal habits can affect your mental health. From your body’s fitness level to your participation in social media, everyone can affect your mood negatively, positivity, and your mental health. So let’s know about some of the habits that can prove harmful to your mental health.

Live a life like an idle

University College London proves the point of deep connection between lack of physical labour and high rates of depression in its research. Even exercising three times a week can reduce depressive feelings and negativity to twenty-two per cent.

It is difficult to get out of toxic relation many times. It would be better to give yourself some time and try to know that you are in a toxic relation. According to scientists at UCLA School of Medicine, long-term, negative social relations are associated with inflammation, which can also be the cause of heart disease, cancer, hypertension etc. Harmful bonds (bonds), such as bonds with partners, bonds with peer, bonds with family and friends can also lead to low self-esteem, anxiety and depression.

Wake up late

If you wake up late, your morning start will be slow and stressful. At first you worry that you will be late for the office, then in this case you will leave your breakfast. Like this, you are not harming your physical health but mental health too.

Spend with the evening screen

It may be beneficial to watch a movie in the theater after a couple of works a week or watching a regular TV for a while, but spending time in front of the screen every late night is a bad habit. By watching TV for long, both body and mind are exhausted. According to experts, do some work while watching TV to get rid of this habit. And spend two to three times a week with friends and give time to sports instead of TV.

Smoking and drinking

Smokers often think that smoking gives them relief and they get rid of stress, but according to scientific data, smoking immediately increases heart rate and also causes bad effects on the brain. The same thing applies even to alcohol consumption.

Habit of keeping digital records

In the today’s life, we take all life in the way of an entertainment program, which is seen by the audience through a smartphone camera, but forgets to see the real things around us. A research done by the health psychologists of the University of Washington, Bastir University found that the more pictures and videos taken in any program, the more difficult it is to remember the actual events.

Social media zero

Do you remember the last time you have a relaxed conversation with your friend, life partner or family (which is not on social media). If asked in simple words, even after being surrounded by people in the social media, the person feels lonely and is surrounded by mental stress.

Habit of living alone

Some people always get used to being alone. They do not like to interact with people and talk. But such behaviour ruined your social life and relationships get cracked. Loneliness can be proven to be fatal for the brain, it has a negative effect on the body’s immune system and may lead to health problems.