How can I reduce stress ?

Posted : April 25, 2019
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• Less sleep and stress become common problem among Indians.
• Meditation enhances brain capabilities
• Not only for mental health but meditation is also beneficial for physical health.

Recent studies have shown that people are living longer lives due
to the development of drugs and medical practices, but physical and
mental health of the people is getting worse from time to time. A
2016 report shows that Indians work for the long hours in a day in
the world. People in India work on an average of 52 hours a week,
unlike 48 hours in China, 46 hours in Japan, and 45 hours in USA
average for working every week.

Problems of stress for most Indians

According to a report, the major problem of most Indians is anxiety and mental
exertion. Working long hours, commitment of time, pollution, fluctuations in
relationships and many other mental pressures create stress. Due to this stress,
the person’s mental and physical health is poor. World Health Organization’s
global report on mental disorders has been reported that 7.5% of the Indian
population is suffering from anxiety and depression.

Meditation for both mind and body

Most of us do not know how to handle our brain’s feelings. These things are
neither taught at home nor taught at school. Most people do not know how to be
happy and calm while handling pressure in the opposite situations of life without
losing their balance. Meditation is the best and intuitive option to keep mental
health and control emotions. It is easy to learn and practice the technique of
meditation. There are many benefits that affect all areas of our lives.

Meditation enhances brain power

Meditation allows us to reach those areas of our brain which are responsible for
deep thoughts and cognition, which helps us to become more creative and make
decisions. Meditation makes us alert and quick, as well as it makes memory
power good. MRI brain imaging shows that the ability of brain functioning of a 50-
year-old man who has been constantly focusing for a long time can be more or
better than a 25-year-old. Even researchers are finding meditation to be effective
in treating serious brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Relaxed sleep is the secret of long life

In our present life style, most of us are deprived of calm and deep
sleep, due to which our brain gets entangled. The risk of mood
disorders, weakened immunity, weight gain, heart disease and
diabetes are increasing rapidly. Research has found that sleeping
less than 6 to 8 hours in the night increases death chance by 12
percent. Meditation is linked to the superior quality of sleep. Many
studies show that people taking meditation take better and deeper
sleep compared to normal people. An internal study organized by
the SSAIAR on the Atam Samadhi Meditation reveals that within a
few weeks of meditation, the quality of sleep starts improving and
people get rid of the sleeping medicines easily.

The effect of age is less

The effect of meditation becomes deeper through our thoughts. It not only
affects our brain and behaviour, but it makes us happy, focused and aware.
Studies show that the people who meditate get stability in the development of
their age. Apart from this the melody of the telomere gland is preserved. As the
telomere becomes stale, our bodies and minds get older as well.
According to Pandora Narasimhan, Director of Children and Women’s Welfare
Program in the Art of Living, “Meditation is no longer a activity but it is
requirement of luxury life. Take your soul towards spirituality.